St Maarten Diving Sites & Our Location

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St. Maarten is a great dive destination. The outlying wreck and reef sites offer fantastic dives and excellent photo opportunities.
For the average diver whose partner or family do not dive, here is where St. Maarten excels.

Plenty of beaches, snorkeling, activities, shopping and day trips to keep everyone entertained while the divers go about the pleasure of diving. Waters are warm and inviting, and the marine life is abundant. Moray eels, turtle and southern stingray are common sightings and frog fish and jaw fish are a treat to find. Dive Adventures was established in 1990 as part of the large water sports and boat activity center that makes up Aqua Mania Adventures, at Simpson Bay Resort.

Exploring the reefs and wrecks around the island offers a unique experience. We are currently a PADI Resort Facility and enjoy a large repeat clientele over the past 21 years.

  • Please note: The choice of dive site is depending on weather and sea conditions, and up to the dive leader in charge. Of course we'll do our best to offer everyone a variety of dive sites during the period they're diving with us!
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