Saba Diving

Saba Saba's beauty extends below the waterline into an exciting marine environment rich in corals and active with fish life. A busy population of colorful tropical fish as well as large groupers and jacks live around Saba.

Lava tunnels and hot springs remind divers of the dramatic volcanic beginnings of the island. The small leeward side hosts gentle, medium depth, spur and groove formations. Along the edge of Saba's sheer wall dives, divers can sight turtles and rays of all shapes and sizes.

Since the island is so small, dive boats can reach all sites within minutes. Three well-experienced, fully equipped dive operators carry the many visiting divers from around the globe, to dive sites within the Saba Marine Park every day. They represent a variety of certifying agencies and will safely teach all levels of diving. Dive operators combine efforts to assist the park manager in collecting data and enforcing the rules and regulations.
  • Take High Speed ferry Edge to Saba and join one of the three shops Saba Deep, Sea Saba and Saba Diving for a double dive at 11am.

  • Dive Package: $190.00 * per person (Edge Ferry, Double Tank Dive included, Port & Marine Park Fees not included).

  • * Prices are subject to change by operators and ferries.
  • Edge departs the Aqua Mania Dock at Simpson Bay Resort at 9am and takes 90 minutes to reach Saba. Non Divers can enjoy shopping hiking in the lush rainforest, sightseeing and lunch on Saba.
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