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Just what you need for excellent diving!

I made an OWD course by Dive Adventures with Jarno. He is an excellent instructor and exactly the one I wanted to complete this course with. Jarno is attentive, careful and strict enough to make me do all the PADI stuff until I did it well and confidently. He has never pushed on me and was very patient. I felt really safe, when we were diving. My husband took an Advanced course with Demian and was also very satisfied with his study and diving. Also many thanks to Capt. Soinet and his "Dive Machine", you contributed a lot to our delightful journey! Capt. Soinet is one of the most friendly people I've met on the island. Thank you all!

- Marina

Superior Dive Operation

Have done alot of diving all over the world and have to say this was a top notch operation. From sign in, to equipment, to dive site selection and then the actual dives. The team of Demian and Soinet were extremely knowledgeable, taking the time to discuss island geography, what we were about to see below and most of all how to behave with the nosy reef sharks we encountered which was a first for me. Did have a chance to dive with another operation later in the week and wish I had booked with Dive Adventures instead. My husband wanted to dive some wrecks and that's exactly what we got with the HMS Proselyte and CaribCargo dives. Truly a great experience.

- Dalia

The best time ever!

Sept 1st through 12th was our 1st visit to St. Maarten. Dive Adventures is an exceptional dive operation. We booked several trips and each one of them became a wonderful memory for us. The outstanding crew of the "Dive Machine" are all very professional. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable. The crew work very hard attending to all your needs, making it an absolute pleasure to dive with them. We also signed up for the Dolphin Adventure, one of the most memorable highlights of our trip & the Tuesday Night Sunset Cruse on the "Tango" is great fun and it's an absolute must! This was one of the best times we've had on a vacation and we owe so much of it to Dive Adventures. Thank you Dive Adventures for the trip of a lifetime! We will absolutely come back to dive with you again!

- Chris & Michelle

Thanks you for 32 great dives!

Scuba diving in St. Maarten with Dive Adventures for the last three weeks was a lot of fun. Thanks to the people who work there, Anna, Susan, Damien the dive guides, and boat Captain Swannie. The crew is very professional and friendly, they also speak several languages. They are very helpful both on the boat and in the water. The crew will load the boat and assist with putting on your BC while you sit on the stern before the dive, change out your tanks between dives, and remove the equipment to the dock after the dive. I have been using Dive Adventures since we first went to the island to dive. What makes my trips special is the dive staff. Thanks you for 32 great dives, see you next time.

- Morris

Great Guides!

Terrific guides. Terrific equiptment. My family and I are rusty divers. Our dive guides were patient and very helpful. Great dive sites. Great trip!

- Earl G. from New Haven, Connecticut

Will be back for more!

We had a great time with Dive Adventures. We were met with open arms by the staff and instructors, all smiles every day :) In spite of pretty rough seas the boat aptly named "Dive machine" held up very well, and we were fullblown roughnecks by the end. My wife had little to no experience diving and with the help of the instructors she progressed quickly wich led to a greater appetive for diving and exploring the depths. Can't wait to go back, and we know who to contact for our diving needs.

- Tony T. from Stord, Norway

You owe it to yourself!

Simply put, Dive Adventures is the best dive operation in the Caribbean! Vinny's dive team always provide for a safe, fun experience regardless of the diver's experience level. I've been actively diving for 22 years primarily throughout the Caribbean and have found that no other dive operation comes close to the relaxed, professional level of Dive Adventures. 2014 will be the 12th year that I have dived with Vinny's team and i find myself still getting excited about the prospect. If you are going to be diving while enjoying St. Maarten, you owe it to yourself to seek out Dive Adventures at the Simpson Bay Resort on Pelican Key.

- JL, Philadelphia PA

Refresher course was amazing!

This dive shop was amazing. They are friendly from the time you sign up to the time you are done with your dives. We haven't dove in 4 yrs so we took their refresher course. They went through the major points of safety to setting up the gear. Sandra and Damien were sooooo helpful and made the experience so at ease. While on our way to the five spot Damuen day with us and gave us detailed instructions of what to expect from the time you get in the water to back on the boat. He made relearning the skills as easy as 1-2-3. He showed us the wrecks and pointed out sea life and if there was an opportunity to interact with the life he tried to get us to. Very laid back but professional crew. The boat captain was helpful with getting the gear on and off. We got back to shore we signed up for a 2-tank dive later on in the week. Can't wait! This shop is the place to be hands down!

- Stixx from Amarillo, Texas

Scuba Dive trip in St Maarten

We just got back from our 4th trip to the island and some very nice scuba diving with Dive Adventures. The same operator has been there since we first went to the island to dive. What made this trip special was the current dive staff. Anna, the lead dive guide, loves the water and her job of making one feel comfortable, both on the boat and under the water. I have been diving for 23 years and have been with many crews, but this was the most dedicated crew of all. Damian, the other dive guide, was also fantastic. The boat driver was well trained and was a scuba diver and was a master at handling the boat even in rough water. The crew set up your tanks, loads the boat and assist with putting on your BC while you sit on the stern. The shop is neat and clean and the equipment is stored after your last waiting for you when you return. The water was clear and the coral just beautiful. Go swim with the fish where 1802 ships have dumped their heavy cargo to avoid the shoals of the beautiful island with nice beaches for "UP" time.

- Burton N. from Mocksville, North Carolina
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